søndag 24. februar 2013

I'm on a roll :o)

Hehe - I'm really not sure if that makes any sense, but it sounded right :o) I really got my mojo back, and I am loving it!! The toiletbag is finished, and in use.

The other side. The size is perfect for a bottle of shampoo and other things.

I need some new placemats for our diningtable. I have made six, who need to be quilted. Im not sure how I want to do it. Maybe a heart or two on the biggest piece, would that be nice?

The new ruler(at least for me its new....), Quick Curve Ruler, needed to be tried out! I saw a lovely tablerunner in the new issue of MyQuilt, I picked some blue and beige - et voila....

Lovely weather in Bergen these days. This is from yesterday, waiting for the bus after work.

Lots of boats out enjoying the sun - for a little while it almost felt like summer..... ;o)

Hope you have a wonderful week!

lørdag 16. februar 2013

Today's work

I have finished the purple runner and it has got its place on the counter in the shop. The designer, AnnAKa, is visiting Quiltekroken this weekend to teach a class. Wonder if she notices it.... :o)

There were quite a lot of leftover - fabric from the twisterquilt. So today was the day to do something about that :o) I cut the biggest pieces into 5" squares, this will be a little twister-runner, a pillow or something made with the little twister-ruler. But I also got quilte a lot of 3"/ 2,5"/ 2"/ 1,5" squares. I hope this was the beginning of a new activity for me, cutting bits and pieces to make usable pieces!! And of course, in time, use them :o)

I spent most of the afternoon cutting and sewing, love it! I almost finished 'Mona's toalettveske', I have some seams left for tomorrow. This is one of our most popular patterns, and a lot of you have made it. Its a very good pattern, so I probably will make some for gifts :o)

So long!

søndag 10. februar 2013

One more cover...

My friend was so happy with the iPad cover I made her, that she asked if I could make one for a birthdaygift. This time for a Macbook Pro. And so I did :o)

I used the new line from Lynette Anderson, Follow the Heart. Wonderful fabrics :o)

Forgot to put on the new label I have got........ :o/

Have a wonderful evening!

søndag 3. februar 2013

Lately its purple....

Lately my favorite colour is purple, I want to use it in every project I make. Hence this runner, in purple and grey. One of the latest patter from AnnAKa, called Trendy. One colour I dont use much is black, so it was kind of strange using it as a border. But I like the look of it. The small triangles are folded and pressed, boy did my fingertips feel that........ I was hoping to finish it today aswell, but couldn't find a backing I wanted to use. So its not quilted yet, as you can see.

A friend of mine asked me if I could make an iPad cover for her, and of course I could :o) I searched the net and found a nice pattern here, www.sewmamasew.com/store/media/blog/SMSLaptopSleeve.pdf.
She chose what fabric and lining she wanted, and off I went to the sewing room. It is a great pattern, and you can adjust the size to anything you want, from cellphone to laptop or even bigger :o) It fitted perfectly!

She was very satisfied and so was her daughter, she wanted one too...... :o)

Have a lovely evening :o)