fredag 29. juni 2012

Travel bag for my iPad

I did have a cover for my new, precious iPad, but it didn't cover the back :o( So what if I loose it or maybe it can get scratches from something in my bag..... Ooooh no, don't want that :o) And I did see a tutorial over at Freckled Whimsy for a very nice little bag. So I found some nice fabrics. Purple is my favourite colour at the moment - love it! And before I knew it, my new bag was done!

I also got a new book today. It's called 'Red home' by Natalie Bird. Lots of nice little stitcheries to be used either in the wonderful quilt or for other smaller projects. As the title says - its a lot of red in the book. A lovely book :o)

And for the joy of your eyes, that is if you like flowers as much as I do, some flowers from our garden.

I never get tired of looking at all the little wonderful details in every flower!

Wishing you all a warm and sunny weekend!

søndag 17. juni 2012

This weekend was planned......

until my dearest came back from Singapore, four days earlier than expected. I was soooo happy :-) He even remembered to buy me two thimbles ( which I forgot to take a photo of....). I didn't expect more, when he told me he bought me an early birthdaypresent! Would I care to have it now??? Ehhhhh- yes if you put it that way I could probably be bothered to open it now, my love ....... I was totally taken by surprise, because he bought me

a brand new, white iPad with red leather cover :o)) Wiiiii - I have wanted one for soooo long - he's perfect ( my guy, that is :o)) Love him !

But this also took away all my desire to sew, I just wanted to play with my new toy! I managed to make these make-up purses for a friend of mine, as I promised her.

So I have no more to show, except for a beautiful picture I took on my way to work the other day, a couple of minutes from our house.

Wising you all a creative week :o)

søndag 10. juni 2012

Travel purse

This is a new pattern from AnnAKa, a great norwegian designer. Its an easy pattern, and makes a nice purse with room for tickets, passports and other important papers. Lots of pockets and two of them with lace zipper :o)

Enjoying lovely summerdays, no much sewing these days :o)

Have a wonderful week!

søndag 3. juni 2012

Weekend sewing

For a couple of weeks now we have had such a beautiful weather, and my mind has not been set on sewing. But every now and then a little urge to sit at my sewingtable did come..... :o) So, I have made some quick little useful things. Like this

Can you see the strawberries in bloom?

This is also a kind of strawberry

I love this fabric, red with flowers :o)

This is a rhododendron in full bloom

Isnt it gorgeous??

Wishing you all a wonderful week!