søndag 20. november 2011

Silk roses

I have been making roses, beautiful roses :o) As I told you, last monday I learnt how to do it, and its actually not too hard.

I used 7 mm silk ribbon, you can use all sizes to vary the size of the rose. To make more life to the rose, the ribbon was variegated. You can choose not to use this, but I like the effect. You may see it easier on this picture. Its fun, and you can make almost any kind of flower - when you have been practising a while... :o)

Christmas is getting closer and closer, almost too fast.... Soon, very soon I have too start buying little presents for the girls for their calender - december is only a few days away :o/ We will soon have a baking workshop at my sisters house, have to start thinking of making the x-mas cards, next weekend we will make our traditional gingerbread house, and not to forget getting all the presents ready. Fortunately this is all things that I love doing :o) The clue is NOT to make a stress out of it - and usually Im good at that !! I have at least started making one present....

Now Im ready for a new, exciting week - Im having so much fun in the shop with the girls :o) Imagine a table filled with lots and lots of 'yet to come' - fabrics, getting to choose your favorites and order it for the shop - couldn't be better, a dream come through :o) Have a look at our web site, www.quiltekroken.no. Or like us on Facebook if you want :o)

Wishing you all a lovely week!!

søndag 13. november 2011

On a rainy Sunday....

its nice to be cheered up by lots of beautiful fabrics and sewing along :o) Thats how my day has been - wonderful!!
And tomorrow will be good aswell. After an exciting day at work ( I've just changed my occupation and are the proud co-owner of a quiltshop in Bergen, Norway!!) I will attend a class learning how to make roses of silk-ribbon. We have to be prepared and make something to practise on. I want to make a makeup-purse and have made this. I will make the roses along the leaves in the middle.

And, of course, I have made some stars....... I believe I will show you my stars until you cant take anymore :o) Please bear with me !! Here we go.......

Fat Quarter Star QA

Blogger's BOM (which is also a star this month....)

And this little purse was just for fun :o)

So, my friends, a brand new week ahead of us - carpe diem and enjoy :o)

søndag 6. november 2011

Last progress

Some days ago we got the 3rd block of the Fat Quarter Star QA. It was a lovely start block using several fabrics. Im using Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler, which is lots of colors and big prints. Too show them off and not make too busy block I will have to make my own little twist from time to time. And with this block I used only 2 prints (and the background) and Im very happy with the result.

The star table topper have been fun making, and I think I will be using the stars another time aswell. Thanks for all the advice you gave regarding the sashing. I decided to go for the brown, I thought it gave more life to the top. 

Have a great week :o)