søndag 26. februar 2012

Spring is on its way :o)

The last week we have had lots of rain and bad weather, but today the sun was shining, everybody was out enjoying and it really felt like spring.

This is a very popular place for kids to go and feed the birds. And also to walk the dogs, and so did we :o)

As you can see it was a bit cold, ice on the lake, but it was barely holding the ducks. If they had a little rough landing, they went through :o)

But it was not too cold for these lovely flowers to bloom!

I have also been doing some sewing, some runners I have to finish in a couple of weeks. One of them is the runner from the embroidery machine class some weeks ago. I was planning to finish it today, but when I was cutting the binding, it was not enough fabric left...

This is as far as I got. The binding is going to be the same as the frame around the embroideries. A little closer look at the blocks - they are really beautiful!

I have another runner coming up aswell, a red one - I love red :o)

Its only half way done. On both sides I will add some flowers, Im doing some stitchery on them now. I believe it will be nice in the end :o)

I will try to post more often, but I need more hours in the day.... In the shop we are busy preparing for the annual meeting in the Norwegian Quilt Association. This is my first time participating, so Im really looking forward to it :o)

Wishing you all a wonderful week :o)

søndag 12. februar 2012

This has been a good weekend :o)

The last few weeks we have been redecorating the room next to my sewing room, and that meant - no electricity or lights for me - and, as you probably already have figured out, not much time spent by the sewing machine.... But now its back to normal, and I have been sewing again :o)
First of all, I have made Oda the makeup-purse she has been promised for a while now.

I made this some time ago

And this yesterday. Can you see the difference?

I'd say they look quite the same, if I didn't know better :o) Not easy, you say? What if I put them together.

No? Maybe its the photographers fault :o) I'll tell you. The first one I made was without stabilizer on the bottom part, I simply forgot. So it just collapses when put on the table, I dont recommend to do that, much nicer with the stabilizer :o) This is a very nice purse, and it can take a lot.

I have made these two aswell, just to try the locks. I thought I hade some laces to hide the stitches at the top, but it seems I have to get me some.

Im a bit behind on the two BOM's Im in. I managed to make block 3 and 4 of Bloggers BOM - nice :o)

So all in all, it has been a productive weekend and Im very content :o)

A new week is coming, hope it will be a joyful week for all !