fredag 18. mai 2012

New blocks, more snowmen, some flowers and a birthday :o)

I was bragging just before Easter about finishing the Fat Quarter Star QA, during the holidays, but what can I say - I was soooo wrong.... Searching for the perfect star to make, time went by, and today I made the easiest star you can make. Just to get it done. But its a great star, and I like it :o)

It will go perfectly with the other stars I have. Looking forward to have the quilt finished, I think itwill be just lovely :o)

And so I made the 8th star of Bloggers BOM, cause the 9th is just around the corner.

The merry snowmen is popping up on the blocks - looking good :o)

They are waiting patiently for their arms and noses to be stitch on. The eyes will have to wait until the quilting is done.

Yesterday was the National Day of Norway, this is some of the flowers that were decorating our home for the party we had. They were just gorgeous!

And another little flower :o)

Today our lovely dog, Cora, is celebrating her 5th birthday!


Hope you have a wonderful weekend :o)

søndag 13. mai 2012

Yarn paradise :o))

Look at this - isnt it gorgeous???

Its a sale, 30% off all wool yarn at And I just had to buy some :o)

Merino wool for babies

Red, white and blue for a Marius-sweater

Various pinks because they're so beautiful, and I want to make something for me. Any suggestions??

A new type, silk and merinowool, as soft as babyskin. I have admired all the gorgeous shawls everyone is making - now I want to make one too :o)

Brown, beige and offwhite  - also for one lucky baby ;o) (no, its not me - hahaha)

I even made a new bag for my knitting.... Actually it was meant as a nice everyday-bag, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted.

Now I have to dive into my yarn-paradise, looking for what to make :o)

I just want to say thanks to all of you for visiting and especially to those who take the time to leave me some nice words - they are truly appreciated!

Have a wonderful Sunday evening!

onsdag 2. mai 2012

Some finishes

Yesterday I finished the toilet bag, with some minor changes :o)

And this is where it can be seen the coming weeks, on the cash desk in the shop.

I love making the cute makeup purses from AnnAKa, I have made some :o) Oda asked me if I could make some gifts for her friends, and of course I did! Oda chose the fabrics to use and they are the cutest ever, dont you think :o)

Hope you all have a wonderful evening!