søndag 9. desember 2012

Knitting my time away :o)

I really enjoy knitting these days. Lots of knitting and not so much sewing.... Maybe it has to do with the fact that we have started selling yarn in the store :o) 

Look at this yummi picture

Anyway, today Emilie was one very happy girl when I finished her Marius-sweater.

The observant reader will notice that the pattern are slightly different from the original Marius. The reason is I forgot a border and to make it the same before and after the main pattern I had to make a little twist. So this is a very exclusive sweater, one of a kind :o)

Today it was time to make the traditional Gingerbread house.

Until New Years Eve, it will be safe here :o)

I had trouble uploading pictures today because apparently my storing space in Picasa Web Album was full (I didnt even know I used Picasa Web Album.....). I tried to delete some of the pictures, but it didnt help. Do anyone have any advise for me?

Wishing you all a wonderful week :o)

søndag 4. november 2012

Something new

Since my last post we have got another grandchild in our family, she's soooo cute. Unfortunately she is not living in Bergen but next weekend we will visit her in Oslo - looking forward to that :o))

In the meantime I have been doing some knitting. I have finished the zig-zag blanket.

I have also made a sweet little pullover, for a sweet little girl :o)

So this is going with us to Oslo. And hopefully I have managed to finish the jacket I have started. Its so fun to make those tiny small baby-clothes :o)

A couple of weeks ago, a new AnnAKa-pattern came to the shop. And of course I had to try it :o) It was small bags for shoes, laundry, underwear or whatever is nice to keep organised in your suitcase. This is my version:

Love the lady :o) I got a few of them at Vestlandstreffet and this was the perfect product for them, dont you think?

Some of you may have noticed that I have changed the name of my blog. For a long time I have tried to find another, not so complicated (!!!), name. But I havent really come up with something I like. Until my dearest one day said - You know, quilting is like 'snop' for you, you cant ever get enough! And I knew right away that Snop was the new name :o) For you who doesnt know the word, snop is the same as candy, and he's right I cant ever get enough of sewing, blogs, patterns, fabrics, magazines, books, rulers......... I love it!!!

Its been really busy lately, so today I have no plans. Feels good, I just want to knit and sew a bit and maybe read my new book from Carlos Ruiz Zafon - he is one of my favourite writers. 

Have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday

lørdag 13. oktober 2012

I feel....

like I have let you all down, it has been such  long time since my last post. But I certainly havent forgotten you, and hope you still pop by from time to time. It has been very busy the last weeks, preparing for a quiltmeeting (Vestlandstreffet på Voss) for western Norway. I will show you some photos from this meeting where we brought our shop (more or less....). But first of all I want to show you the finished blue quilt.

The fabrics are gorgeous

I know, at this time the binding was not finished

The quilting is done by Anne at Quiltestallen in Bergen - wonderful job!

I used woolbatting which made the quilt soft and fluffy

Cant wait to get it home :o)
Last weekend was Vestlandstreffet at Voss. Classes, shops and an exhibition. I didnt get much around, so you will have to settle with photos from our shop :o) Enjoy - hope you like it :o)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

søndag 2. september 2012

Quilt in a day....

I needed to make a quilt, and fast - to show off the gorgeous fabrics we have in the shop.

The line is called Chambray Rose from Shabby Chic

So I started cutting big 8,5" squares

Decided the placement and started sewing. 

Added borders, et voilà...

Nice, isn't it? (me on the top...)
Im gonna have it quilted next week.

Have a wonderful Sunday. Its raining here, so I have a date with my sewing machine :o)

onsdag 15. august 2012

Long time away!

I know, but now the holidays are over. We've had a wonderful time on the sea, at home, visiting family, so now its back to business, start sewing and blogging again :o) This is one of the charming views from the mountains.

Wouldn't you just love to live in this cabin??

I know I prepared a lot of stitching to bring with me, but I only had the one that I showed you done. It is something about summer that makes the sewing urge go away, too much else to do! But I did visit a couple of quilting stores, in Grimstad and Kristiansand. Thats always fun, and of course I didn't go emptyhanded from those stores :o)

This is some of what I bought at Merete's Atelier in Grimstad. I also bought some more, but didnt take a photo. In Kristiansand I bought wonderful blue and white fabrics to make a throw for the boat - I think. Will show you pictures later.

Since I started working again, I felt the mojo coming back:o) And I have made a bag, the newest pattern from AnnAKa, called Anna's Skulderveske. Its really cool, and this may not be the only one I make.

Great size

Big pocket in the front (and - no, the fabric isn't upside down - the writing goes both ways.....)

Two pockets inside

And a big pocket on the back

The only thing I miss is one or two smaller pockets for my cellphone and keys and smaller things. If I make a another I will add this to make it even more perfect :o)

I have been knitting a bit this summer. I have started a wonderful soft babygirl blanket, Found the pattern on pickles.no, easy and fun to knit.

Hope you all have a great evening!

onsdag 11. juli 2012

It has been a rainy day......

and I have finished the first stitchery of 'In full bloom', 11 to go :-)



tirsdag 10. juli 2012

Better that expected!

The first days has been wonderful, sunny and warm. Well, warm - I guess that depends on where you are coming from.... I was a little above 20 gr C. Enough for us and a lot better than the forecast :-)

So we enjoyed the best we could :-)

Today it was more like we expected, cloudy. But before the rain came we had a stroll to Baroniet, a beautiful little castle with a wonderful garden. And lots of roses :-) I guess you know by now, I love flowers and especially roses, so I took some pictures with my iPhone.




Hoping for a little better weather tomorrow, but today I have almost finished the first stitchery. Sorry, you have to turn your heads, because I dont know how to turn the picture.......


Now Im off to have some warm waffles with jam - mmmmmm

Have a good time :-)



lørdag 7. juli 2012

My holiday-box :-)

We are off to the sea in our sailboat for a couple of weeks. And Im sorry to say, the weather forecast doesnt look too good .......So its important to prepare for rainy days indoor! This is my little holiday box, which I, by the way, got from one of my favourite bloggers - Quiltefia (www.quiltefia.blogspot.com). ( this is my first test of Blogsy for iPad, and I dont know how to make a link yet.....)

And in this box is my survival-kit:-)
Lots of stitcheries from Lynette Anderson, a quilt called 'In full bloom'

Cant wait to get started!!

I will also bring the Marius-sweater Im knitting for Emilie. Im doing both arms at once with magic loop, a new and great experience!!

So, this was my first attempt with Blogsy, hope it turns out well and that I can manage to publish it :-)

Wishing all my blogging friends a warm and sunny week :-)