torsdag 23. juni 2011

Finished a X-mas present.....

from last X-mas :o) I only managed to finish the top in time for x-mas, wrapped it in nice x-mas paper and gave it away with a little note saying I had to get it back for quilting.

But then, my elbow started hurting :o/ I waited and waited, hoping it would be better so I could quilt the top. Its quilt big, so it would be heavy working with it.

I had it all in my head, how I should quilt it. But at last I had to face the fact that the elbow would take some time to heal. So I sent the top to a quilter who did the job for me. Got it back a couple of days ago. The quilter (Kaktus Quilts in Tananger) did a terrific job, quilting and binding it in under a week - amazing!!

It turned out a bit different than in my mind, but Im very pleased with it. And Im sure the new 'owners' will be aswell. Its on its way to them :o)

Some time ago I got a wallhanging from mamacjt (Carol), really cute. My 'little' one Oda (which is 13 and not so little anymore...) was very fascinated and wanted to try to applicate. I was only allowed to show her the techniques, she locked the door to my sewing room when she was working with it :o) Of course, I was very curious, and two days ago she was finished.

Im super-impressed! And she did it all by herself, the cutting, ironing, sewing - all of it!

Wishing you all a super-sunny, warm and relaxing holidays :o)  My blogging will be a bit on and off the next couple of weeks.

søndag 19. juni 2011

I've always wanted.....

a tablecloth for my outsidetables in the summer - it looks so nice and cosy.

I had a charmpack with Whimsy, and it is so cute and have lots of summer in it. Yesterday was a rainy day, and I started sewing. It was really quick, so I finished, layered it - hoping it would rain today aswell... 

And it did (at least part of the day) - yeahhhh ....... :o/ So I started to freemotionquilt 'stars' in the squares. And when I finished I realised it had a nice effect looking like a flower in the middle!

So now one of the tables has got a cloth. Well, almost - I have to bind it, haven't decided what to use for binding yet. I have found a light green with beige polka dots, thats my hottest tip at the moment :o)
And just as our footballteam (Brann) scores and leads the sun decided to come so I could take some nice pictures outside :o)

A wonderful evening to all of my blogging friends - and everyone else!!

tirsdag 14. juni 2011

OMG - how time flies!!!!

Wow, it has been 3 weeks today since my last post - way too long.... But thats the way it is (and should be...) during summertime, lots of other things taking my time and attention. First of all - at last its time for sailing again, lying in the sun doing nothing but watch whatever's passing by.

Taking a swim in the way too cold sea (11 gr C)... Well at least for me, I was the one holding the towels ready :o)

Having quality time with the family, relaxing in the arms of a loved one :o)

While on the boat I have started handquilting  Bella Parade, and I really like how it turns out. It will get some wrinkles I think but I dont mind. Maybe they disappear when I wash it after its finished. As Im not a very experienced handquilter, my stitches are not even all over, but they will be better in time. I am using Pearl Cotton DMC thread.

I have made a load of toiletpurses/make-up purses etc for a friend of mine. I didnt take pictures of them all, but here are some

This one is made of leftovers from Bella Parade, and I practiced my swirlquilting - could have been better.... :o)

To be kind to my elbow I try to vary between sewing and knitting, and Im knitting a jacket for myself using Alpaca and a sweater (Fabel) for a sweet little boy I know :o)

I guess, for some reason, Im trying to convince you all that even if I havent been blogging, I have been doing something :o) Well, well - anyway Im happy its summer!

I also want to thank you all for all those sweet comments on my last post, I really really appreciate all of them - THANK YOU !!!

See U soon :o)