onsdag 11. juli 2012

It has been a rainy day......

and I have finished the first stitchery of 'In full bloom', 11 to go :-)



tirsdag 10. juli 2012

Better that expected!

The first days has been wonderful, sunny and warm. Well, warm - I guess that depends on where you are coming from.... I was a little above 20 gr C. Enough for us and a lot better than the forecast :-)

So we enjoyed the best we could :-)

Today it was more like we expected, cloudy. But before the rain came we had a stroll to Baroniet, a beautiful little castle with a wonderful garden. And lots of roses :-) I guess you know by now, I love flowers and especially roses, so I took some pictures with my iPhone.




Hoping for a little better weather tomorrow, but today I have almost finished the first stitchery. Sorry, you have to turn your heads, because I dont know how to turn the picture.......


Now Im off to have some warm waffles with jam - mmmmmm

Have a good time :-)



lørdag 7. juli 2012

My holiday-box :-)

We are off to the sea in our sailboat for a couple of weeks. And Im sorry to say, the weather forecast doesnt look too good .......So its important to prepare for rainy days indoor! This is my little holiday box, which I, by the way, got from one of my favourite bloggers - Quiltefia (www.quiltefia.blogspot.com). ( this is my first test of Blogsy for iPad, and I dont know how to make a link yet.....)

And in this box is my survival-kit:-)
Lots of stitcheries from Lynette Anderson, a quilt called 'In full bloom'

Cant wait to get started!!

I will also bring the Marius-sweater Im knitting for Emilie. Im doing both arms at once with magic loop, a new and great experience!!

So, this was my first attempt with Blogsy, hope it turns out well and that I can manage to publish it :-)

Wishing all my blogging friends a warm and sunny week :-)