tirsdag 24. mai 2011

Bella Parade top finished

I have finished the Bella Parade top, and its gorgeous! I love the colours and working with solids. Its really cool, looks so clean and fresh.

This will be my first attempt to handquilt. I will be using embroidery yarn in different colours. Waiting for the instructions :o)

So long!!

søndag 15. mai 2011

What to call this post.... :o)

Im lousy with titles, I know - I try my best but sometimes its just not possible to come up with something interesting and catching. Like today, but heres the post all the same - title or not :o)

I have finished the center of the Bella Parade Quilt. This is a fun miniquilt to make and its quite fast, but now I have to wait for the next steps next week. This is 12" x 12".

I have also made the last blocks of my P2 Modern Solids Quilt. So next is the sashing and then the top is finished.

This is how the blocks looks together on my designwall. Yeah, looks nice :o)

This is what I had to show this time, so long :o) And have a wonderful Sunday!

søndag 8. mai 2011

Bella Parade

I have started cutting all the pieces for this miniquilt, thats this weeks task - tiny pieces.. This is for the log cabins, the square in the middle is 1".

We are piecing the center next week, but I couldn't help it - I had to do the log cabins, the colours looked so yummi :o) So I did, and here they are, 3" each.

Just to give you the hint of the size...

As you probably understand, I have never pieced such small log cabins before :o)

One of my favourite flowers are peonies, the variety, the big flowers, the smell, the colours - they are absolutely gorgeous! I have several in my garden, but its too early for them yet, even if we have wonderful weather with almost 25 C :o) So some days ago I found these beauties in the shop - enjoy!

Wishing you a wonderful sunday, and if you are from US - a great Mum's day :o)

søndag 1. mai 2011

Who will be the new owner of my bag...????

A couple of weeks since my giveaway-post already. And it has been a couple of wonderful weeks, with lots and lots of sun and almost 20 C! And thats not usual in April here in Norway, it has been the warmest in over 100 years! Even Cora loves the smell of flowers :o)

Now for the drawing of the giveaway. Thanks to everybody who joined and thanks for the lovely comments :o) Im so happy I am an insipration to be creative and to enjoy sewing and crafting! Thank you for the kind words!

And the winner are ready to be picked....


The lucky one this time is

Congratulations Gunn Monica! Please send me your snail mail on mvatshel@hotmail.com, and I will put some goodies in the bag and send it to you. And for all of you who didnt win - there will always be another chance :o) Have a wonderful evening!