onsdag 25. april 2012

Toilet bag and two (?) girls

In between all of my other projects, I have started a toiletbag. This is a pattern from the norwegian magazine 'myQuilt', the latest issue. Its not finished, but I like the fabrics so much I want to show you :o)

Its linen and cotton, isnt it beautiful?? I will show you the finished bag soon, it will be a model in the shop. Maybe that's the solution to finish my projects, to make models for the shop only :o)

Here are my two wonderful girls - and can you believe how alike they are?

Emilie and Oda
The picture is photoshopped, it was originally two pictures. But we saw the resemblance and thought it would be fun to have them in one photo. They are taken the same day at the same birthdayparty, actually Emilies birthday.

Have a wonderful evening!

fredag 13. april 2012

Merry, Merry Snowmen (?)

Should it feel a bit weird making snowmen, when flowers are blooming, the trees are almost green again and the birds are singing? I dont know... But either way, the BOM packages are coming and I dont want to get behind, I really like to finish it before xmas :o) AND its a lot of fun making them. Piecing, applique, stitching - so much fun and variety.

1st block

I will use small buttons for the eyes, they will be sewn on after the quilting is done. I didnt get quite as much done on block 2 during Easter as I planned, because my DH are having an infection in his foot, and the days went by with lots of other activities - nursing/doctors/ hospital etc. But he is recovering well and will soon be on his feet again - both of them.... :o)
Beginning of block 2
The applique is meant to be done with freezepaper and needleturn, but Im not too familiar with that technique, so Im using my machine to do the applique. The only thing I have to change - I have to mirror the patterns. And of course, I didnt think of it at first, so I have some spare reindeers and a bird......

Block 1 and 2
And I have knitted a new cap for Emilie :o)

A week has already gone by, enjoy your weekend and do some sewing :o)

søndag 1. april 2012

Fat Quarter Star

For schools and a lot of people, Easter holidays started this weekend. And this is what the weather is like in Bergen.

And I was telling you, one week ago, spring was coming - haha couldnt be more wrong :o)) But at least I have been able to make the last blocks of Fat Quarter Star QA. Or, actually I have one more block to do. I didnt like one of the blocks, so I have to find another nice star-block to make. Any suggestions??

Now Im going to frame the blocks with a thin white border and the a bigger border of the remaining FQ's, add sashing and its done :o) Maybe during Easter........

AnnAKa's new box-pattern was really nice and I wanted to try and make one or two (or three...). So I have almost finished one of them, only the handsewing remains - as you can see on the picture. Isnt that the most gorgeous fabric??

Whether you are spending Easter holidays at home or somewhere else,