mandag 29. august 2011

Magic loop and a magic weekend

One of the things I have never liked too much about knitting is the sleeves of a sweater and using 5 needles. So I was soooo happy this summer when I learnt the magic loop! Imagine never have to use those needles again, I can knit sleeves, mittens, socks and whatever with a circular needle - what a joy :o)) And its so easy!

My birthday was last week, and one of the things I got was this.

Its a set of knitting needles, all sizes from 3,5mm - 10mm, and cords in 4 different lengths. And I can combine them as I need. Goodbye too the mess of needles in all sizes, never knowing which ones I have and always buying new ones because Im not sure if I have that size or if its lost somewhere..... Everything I need is in this little bag - genius!!!

My birthday were celebrated at Slåtterøy lighthouse, a beautiful little island in the far west of the norwegian coast, overlooking the North Sea.

We got a guided tour in the lighthouse, which is from the 1850's. This picture is taken from the top, looking down at the house we stayed in. I am very facinated by the sea and the forces of nature, so I wished for strong winds when we were there. On sunday it was a strong breeze and this is what it does to the sea - enjoy! Imagine how it would be during one of the winterstorms!

We had a great time!

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Wishing all my friends a wonderful week!

søndag 21. august 2011


Yes, at last Im trying to make some hexagons! And before Ive even started properly - its a lot of fun :o))

I bought a pack of 1,5" hexagons and started cutting. I had also bought a gluepen to use for the corners in stead of sewing as I read it was easier.

And yes, it was easy. But I didnt feel comfortable that it would stick through the process. So I started sewing, and I think I will do that from now on. It was fairly quick aswell.

One thing I realised aswell is that 1/4" for the back is not enough (at least I think so.... :o)), so I started cutting them a bit larger and the sewing was easier.

So now Ive started to sew the flowers together, its so exciting...... And Im very curious if I have stitched the paper to the fabric, I tried hard not to :o)

You have still a chance to win lots and lots of prizes at Sew We Quilt - have a look and come back here and let me register you. Send me an email with the info as listed on my sidebar.

Wishing you all a wonderful evening! 

lørdag 13. august 2011

Summer is not over yet :o)

Hello from sunny Bergen :o) We have had some wonderful days of summer this week, and we know we have to enjoy it while it lasts! Next week will be not so good, they say.... But maybe I can finally have some time in my sewing room again :o) Havent been sewing much, but I have got some new fabrics and yarn - of course..... ;o)

This will be for x-mas. I saw a quiltalong at 'ps i quilt' called 'synchronised squares', I like it a lot and its quite easy to make. You can have a look here. I cant decide whether to use red or white as background, what do you think? At the moment I think I prefer the red, but I have to see.
I also bought some Kaffe Fassett on sale. I really have to make something soon with my gorgeous collection, but I have a hard time cutting in it because I love so much.... I dont know if that is good or bad :o/

I have at least been knitting a little bit during my holidays, not much - but more than halfway on the sweater I was planning to finish :o)

I am so lucky I have a niece who has learnt to spin yarn and has its own spinning wheel. She has made me some yarm and I have more to come... Isnt it gorgeous, its merinowool/bamboo/silk, love the colors! We have collected Cora's coat from early summer when she lost it, and Marte will try to make yarn - exciting!

Have you been over at Sew We Quilt to look? The Wantobe quilter campaign (which is also very much for already quilters...) is still going with great prizes every day - and will for another 11 weeks. Pop over to have a look at last weeks prizes, its amazing I can tell you!

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Wishing you all a wonderful sunny weekend :o)

onsdag 10. august 2011

Wantobequilter campaign at Sew We Quilt, giveaways every day from Aug 1st to Oct 29th

It's been a long and happy summer, visiting family, sailing in Greece, sailing in Norway - but now its almost over and we start again with lots of happy memories.

Have you been over at SewWeQuilt lately? If not, you should! The wonderful Mme Samm is hosting the most exciting giveaways I have ever seen. New prizes every day from Aug 01 to Oct 29! Can you imagine?? If you want to participate - its a piece of cake :o)

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Wantobe quilters (no tools) can enter mon-wed-fri. / Quilters (have tools) can enter tues-thurs.

There is a list of all the wonderful prizes to win at SewWeQuilt - Mme Samm must have been working hard to make all this possible for us - THANKS!!

No reason to wait - you can only win :o)