lørdag 7. juli 2012

My holiday-box :-)

We are off to the sea in our sailboat for a couple of weeks. And Im sorry to say, the weather forecast doesnt look too good .......So its important to prepare for rainy days indoor! This is my little holiday box, which I, by the way, got from one of my favourite bloggers - Quiltefia (www.quiltefia.blogspot.com). ( this is my first test of Blogsy for iPad, and I dont know how to make a link yet.....)

And in this box is my survival-kit:-)
Lots of stitcheries from Lynette Anderson, a quilt called 'In full bloom'

Cant wait to get started!!

I will also bring the Marius-sweater Im knitting for Emilie. Im doing both arms at once with magic loop, a new and great experience!!

So, this was my first attempt with Blogsy, hope it turns out well and that I can manage to publish it :-)

Wishing all my blogging friends a warm and sunny week :-)



3 kommentarer:

Annemariesquilt sa...

God ferie!
Jeg krysser fingrene for at du får godt vær på veien!
Enig med deg at det er greit å ha med seg litt tidtrøyte;-)

Svalen sa...

Skjønne broderier du har gjort klar for sying.
Riktig god tur:)

Mayen sa...

Sett kursen nordover ;o) Ikkje har vi tåke, ikkje har vi edderkopper, og heller ikkje flom!Men lur som du e sr æ du har førstehjelpskrin for hobbyentusiaster med deg ;o) God ferie, klem