tirsdag 10. juli 2012

Better that expected!

The first days has been wonderful, sunny and warm. Well, warm - I guess that depends on where you are coming from.... I was a little above 20 gr C. Enough for us and a lot better than the forecast :-)

So we enjoyed the best we could :-)

Today it was more like we expected, cloudy. But before the rain came we had a stroll to Baroniet, a beautiful little castle with a wonderful garden. And lots of roses :-) I guess you know by now, I love flowers and especially roses, so I took some pictures with my iPhone.




Hoping for a little better weather tomorrow, but today I have almost finished the first stitchery. Sorry, you have to turn your heads, because I dont know how to turn the picture.......


Now Im off to have some warm waffles with jam - mmmmmm

Have a good time :-)



2 kommentarer:

Karen - Quilts...etc. sa...

have fun! looks wonderful.

Quiltefia sa...

Hei!! Det høres ut som en bra ferie!! Fin kombinasjon med seiling og roser !! I like!!! Annek:-)