mandag 16. januar 2012

Washed and dried

In the last post I was searching for some experience regarding drying a quilt in a dryer. And Im so thankful for all the great advices, both as comments and in mails. So during this last week I did finish the quilt and was ready to try drying it! I was quite excited, as I had never done before - and this was a gift... And yes - I do agree - its stupid to experiment on a gift, I know.... But I did it anyway.

This is the quilt before washing it

As you can see its quite plain without wrinkles. The thing with this quilt is that the top and batting is cotton, which is organic and the backing is fleece which is synthetic. So I was a bit worried that the cotton would shrink too much compared to the fleece. I washed it in 40 gr C and it looked fine. Then I put it in the dryer for about 30 min and had a look. Still no problem! It was not quite dry, so I put it in for another 30 min. Then it was completly dry and it looked just fantastic :o))

It has a bit more wrinkles, especially on the fleece on the back. You cant see it very clearly on the picture, but its there. Not too much, just a little. I would say its just the way it should be :o)

I like the colours!

And, of course, I have to show a picture of it when its folded - it looks so nice :o)

And now it is on its way to Oslo to its new owner :o)

Wishing you a wonderful week!!

4 kommentarer:


Rett og slett lekkert!!

God veke til deg og!


Astrid sa...

Kjempelekkert! Flott med hvit bakgrunn, fargene 'popper'! :) Kan tenke meg det var 'spennende' og tørke det i trommel'n! :) Det hadde fått meg til å bite negler også!

Mayen sa...

Sukk, du e så flink! Bare koser meg når æ e innom og titter!! Klem

Elisabeth sa...

Så fint det blev Merete! Toppen :-)