søndag 29. januar 2012

I have tried machine embroidery :o)

And not just on any machine, but the new Pfaff Sensation! This weekend our store hosted a class on making blocks on embroidery machines (with Marit F Johannessen). We were 14 ladies making runners, and Marit brought a couple to show us.

And there were a lot of different beautiful variations.





I was a bit nervous, because amongst all these skillled ladies, I was a real newbie. I had only tried a few embroideries before, and didn't know much :o) But they were so kind to me and encouraged me! I wanted to make a runner in brown and beige. 

Sensation in action

And wow - this is fun! We used laces and put on sashing and the result was really nice. 

I managed to finish two blocks, almost 3 and assembled two of them. So all in all, Im quite satisfied :o)

So in the next few days I have to finish the 3rd block, make one more and assemble them. I hope to finish it fast so I remember how to join them:o) 

Wishing you a joyful week!

5 kommentarer:

karinanna sa...

Dette så kjempeflott ut ...

Mayen sa...

Kjempefint..Ka man ikkje får av maskiner for tiden? Ka i all verden koste dette vidunderet? Et par månedslønninger?.. Æ synes du va flink ;o)

Quiltefia sa...

Hei!! Spennende!! AnneK:-)

2ne sa...

Lekkert og en kjempeflott idè

KariL sa...

Var så heldig å være tilsted ein dag det blei demonstrert på nettopp denne maskinen. Nydelige arbeid dere har produsert. Utrolig mange muligheter. Har Pfaff, men ikkje broderimaskin. Er no veldig fornøyd med min likevel.
Ha ein god dag!