mandag 29. august 2011

Magic loop and a magic weekend

One of the things I have never liked too much about knitting is the sleeves of a sweater and using 5 needles. So I was soooo happy this summer when I learnt the magic loop! Imagine never have to use those needles again, I can knit sleeves, mittens, socks and whatever with a circular needle - what a joy :o)) And its so easy!

My birthday was last week, and one of the things I got was this.

Its a set of knitting needles, all sizes from 3,5mm - 10mm, and cords in 4 different lengths. And I can combine them as I need. Goodbye too the mess of needles in all sizes, never knowing which ones I have and always buying new ones because Im not sure if I have that size or if its lost somewhere..... Everything I need is in this little bag - genius!!!

My birthday were celebrated at Slåtterøy lighthouse, a beautiful little island in the far west of the norwegian coast, overlooking the North Sea.

We got a guided tour in the lighthouse, which is from the 1850's. This picture is taken from the top, looking down at the house we stayed in. I am very facinated by the sea and the forces of nature, so I wished for strong winds when we were there. On sunday it was a strong breeze and this is what it does to the sea - enjoy! Imagine how it would be during one of the winterstorms!

We had a great time!

There are still 9 more weeks to join the fun at Sew We Quilt, today the prize is an Accuquilt Baby-Go. Head over and see and give me a word if you want to join.

Wishing all my friends a wonderful week!

6 kommentarer:

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail sa...

Ser at det er noe nytt jeg må finne ut av, den magiske loop'en ser ut til å være nyttig å kunne!
Flotte bilder fra fyret - og gratulerer på etterskudd :-)

karenfae sa...

that is so pretty - what a wonderful place to stay!

Astrid sa...

That magic loop looks interesting! Not that I do a lot of knitting, but... 'nice to have'! :) Happy belated birthday! Such a nice place to celebrate your special day.

Svalen sa...

Vel overstått bursdag!
Flott sted å feire dagen på.

Magic loop virker som en smart metode...

Quiltefia sa...

Hei!! Gratulerer med vel overstått fødselsdag!! Flotte omgivelser der du feiret!! Jeg har også nylig lært å bruke den teknikken!! Strikker på den siste armen av en litt laaaaangtekkelig genser......AnneK:-)

Bente sa...

Gratulerer med overstått dag.Så flotte bilder fra fyret!
Det så spennende ut med Magic Loop,jeg må se nærmere på dettte:)