onsdag 15. august 2012

Long time away!

I know, but now the holidays are over. We've had a wonderful time on the sea, at home, visiting family, so now its back to business, start sewing and blogging again :o) This is one of the charming views from the mountains.

Wouldn't you just love to live in this cabin??

I know I prepared a lot of stitching to bring with me, but I only had the one that I showed you done. It is something about summer that makes the sewing urge go away, too much else to do! But I did visit a couple of quilting stores, in Grimstad and Kristiansand. Thats always fun, and of course I didn't go emptyhanded from those stores :o)

This is some of what I bought at Merete's Atelier in Grimstad. I also bought some more, but didnt take a photo. In Kristiansand I bought wonderful blue and white fabrics to make a throw for the boat - I think. Will show you pictures later.

Since I started working again, I felt the mojo coming back:o) And I have made a bag, the newest pattern from AnnAKa, called Anna's Skulderveske. Its really cool, and this may not be the only one I make.

Great size

Big pocket in the front (and - no, the fabric isn't upside down - the writing goes both ways.....)

Two pockets inside

And a big pocket on the back

The only thing I miss is one or two smaller pockets for my cellphone and keys and smaller things. If I make a another I will add this to make it even more perfect :o)

I have been knitting a bit this summer. I have started a wonderful soft babygirl blanket, Found the pattern on pickles.no, easy and fun to knit.

Hope you all have a great evening!

3 kommentarer:

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail sa...

Tøff veske! Og det blir et søtt teppe :)

Quiltefia sa...

hei! Det er en smule vemodig når sommerferien er over! Det høres ut som du har hatt det fint! Fin veske og teppe! Annek:-)

InGa sa...

Sommerferien er alltid for kort, men det er fint å minnes alle de ting man har opplevd.
Er glad den hytta ikke er mi.... Trengs en grov ljå der, i alle fall, og litt "luking" kanske?
Flott veske. Rart man aldrig får nok vesker?
Min siste kommer på bloggen i morgen, se bloghop Bowls with Borders i morgen.