søndag 8. mai 2011

Bella Parade

I have started cutting all the pieces for this miniquilt, thats this weeks task - tiny pieces.. This is for the log cabins, the square in the middle is 1".

We are piecing the center next week, but I couldn't help it - I had to do the log cabins, the colours looked so yummi :o) So I did, and here they are, 3" each.

Just to give you the hint of the size...

As you probably understand, I have never pieced such small log cabins before :o)

One of my favourite flowers are peonies, the variety, the big flowers, the smell, the colours - they are absolutely gorgeous! I have several in my garden, but its too early for them yet, even if we have wonderful weather with almost 25 C :o) So some days ago I found these beauties in the shop - enjoy!

Wishing you a wonderful sunday, and if you are from US - a great Mum's day :o)

3 kommentarer:

Mona sa...

Det kommer til å bli supert. Var inne og kikket på linken du har lagt ut. Peoner er vakre blomster. har heldigvis noen i hagen jeg også. Ha en fortsatt fin søndag.

Grethe sa...

Vakre peoner;har akkurat plantet om mine,sådekommer vel ikke i år??
Beunderer deg som syr med 1", gleder meg til å følge med:-)

Nedra sa...

Those are small centers at 1"! It's going to be a beautiful quilt. I love Bella solids.